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Purpose and History

The Women’s Club at UCF, Inc. is the oldest organization of its kind that has been meeting continuously for over fifty years without interruption. Prior to 2020, it had not established a formal means of acknowledging its members with distinction and honor.

On November 13, 2020, the Board of the Women’s Club at UCF approved the establishment of an exploratory committee to discuss the creation of a Hall of Fame and to draft what would be the criteria for such an honor. Kathleen Hagerty, Teresa Riedel, Zalpha Hashem, Linda Hennig, and Kathy Littlefield volunteered to serve on the initial committee. Two Board members, Maggie LeClair and Dell Shadgett, served as Advisors to this committee. On December 31, the committee members met on Zoom and forwarded their written recommendations to the Board. On January 8, 2021, the Hall of Fame was approved. By February, an inaugural slate of twelve nominated members was presented to the Board; and in April 2021, the Board of Directors removed the ad hoc status and recognized it as a standing committee. For more information, use this link.

Due to the COVID 19 lockdown in 2021, the first Hall of Fame induction was “virtual,” taking place over ZOOM at the Spring luncheon. Subsequently, once a year, an Induction ceremony has introduced each new class of inductees and celebrated their contributions to the Women’s Club at UCF, Inc.

An award was created to present each inductee with an artistic, symbolic artifact known as “The Pegasus Plate.” In collaboration with the HOF committee members, porcelain artist and Women’s Club member, Carol Pickler, created this exquisite keepsake. The Hall of Fame continues to promote the legacy and contributions made by these extraordinary women.