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The Women’s Club at UCF has a number of interest groups that provide opportunities to share common interests, attend local events, and engage in activities such as book discussions, hikes, gourmet meals, games, among many others.  Interest groups are a wonderful vehicle for meeting other club members and developing lasting friendships.  While participation in interest groups is optional, members are encouraged to join one or more groups based on personal interests.

Some of the interest groups may be at capacity due to space constraints. New or similar interest groups will be started and new interest group ideas are always welcome and will be considered by our Interest Group Chair.  Of course, new groups are contingent on having enough interested participants and a new interest group leader.

Check the Activity Calendar page under Activities and Events for a list of events, times, topics and to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you!

Arts and Culture

Cultural Arts & Wellness

Susan GregoryContact

The cultural arts and wellness group meets at various places of interest in Central Florida to learn about ways to live a healthier life, to explore the latest innovative lifestyle changes, and to appreciate the arts and culture in the Orlando area. Our events are usually held during the day. Our activities can be anything from tai-chi in a park to viewing gorgeous and unique table settings at Tables Extraordinaire.

International Friendship

Zalpha Hashem and Teresa RiedelContact

We gather at venues around Central Florida to experience and share the customs and cuisines of various cultures and countries. Join us for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The goal of this group is to enjoy friendship, while appreciating the variety of cultures and food at the national and international levels. Our activities also include attending on-campus events during International Education Week and hearing speakers on international topics. If possible, we sometimes include spouses, partners, and friends in our activities.

Conversational Spanish

Sally GalvanContact

¿Hablas Español? No? Then you should think about joining our new Conversational Spanish Interest Group. This group focuses on the basics necessary to navigate your way in a Spanish- speaking environment-–introducing yourself, expressing yourself  courteously, singing songs in Spanish, talking about the weather, ordering food, finding the restrooms, getting directions, and more. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 2 pm in Oviedo.

Book Clubs

Bookworms (Day)

Carole GoldsmithContact

Daytime Bookworms meets monthly to discuss either a fiction or nonfiction book selection that has been chosen by the group. Each member brings her own light lunch during which there is an opportunity to socialize. Following the luncheon, the book discussion is led by one of the members. Some of the selections lend themselves to inviting a guest discussion leader or to a field trip to a location or an event related to the book. The meetings are often entertaining, as well as enlightening.

*This group is at capacity. A waiting list is maintained. PageTurners and On The Same Page are similar interest groups available to join.

Bookworms (Evening)

Mary LubaroffContact

This evening book club interest group meets to socialize and discuss the book selection thathas been chosen by the group. Fun and enjoyment while reading and sharing is at the core of this group. Members meet in the evenings and enjoy each other’s company at various locations.

*This group is at capacity.  There is availability with the PageTurners and On the Same Page Interest Groups.


Anna HabowskiContact

Pageturners is a bookclub that meets to socialize and discuss the book selection which has been chosen by the group. This group meets on the third Wednesday of the month for the entire year at 1:00 pm in members’ homes. For more details on how to join Pageturners, contact Anna Habowski at or (407) 275-6051.

On The Same Page

Gail BoardwayContact

On the Same Page is a dinner book club that meets on the 1 st Monday of the month in members’ homes or in local restaurants. If you are interested in joining this group, contact Gail Boardway at or 407-754-4037.

Books and Banter

Diana BishopContact

Books and Banter is a new evening book club that meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6 pm from September to May.  Their meeting place is Legacy Pointe at UCF in Oviedo.  They welcome all new members.  If you would like to join this group, please contact Diana Bishop at or text 231-838-1517.

Crafts and Hobbies

Garden Hoes

Sally GalvanContact

Do you love all things gardening? Join us for fun outings, visits to unique community gardens, and nursery classes, along with the opportunity to share gardening secrets. We also exchange plant cuttings with each other. This group meets on various days of the week depending on when gardening opportunities arise. Some of our recent field trips were to the 4Roots Farm, Epcot Flower & Garden Show, and Mead Gardens.


Judy DziubanContact

The needlework interest group is a fun and relaxed group. Our members either knit, crochet, needlepoint, or quilt. We share patterns, learn new techniques, and help each other if someone has a problem. We always have coffee and a morning treat. Our meetings are usually held on the second Monday morning of each month from 9:30 – 11:30 am. They are currently meeting outdoors under a picnic shelter at the Red Bug Lake Park Pavilion in the Casselberry/Winter Springs area.

Current Events

Great Decisions

Bemmie EustaceContact

Please consider joining the Great Decisions discussion group presented by the Foreign Policy Association. Contact the interest group chair (or co-chair) if interested in joining. The Foreign Policy Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the American public to learn more about the world. Founded in 1918, FPA serves as a catalyst for developing awareness, understanding of, and providing informed opinions on global issues. Through its balanced, nonpartisan programs and publications, the FPA encourages citizens to participate in the foreign policy process by informing, engaging, and inspiring. To learn more about Great Decisions please visit the website.


Mah Jongg 1

Liz PayerContact

The Mah Jongg 1 interest group meets twice each month in members’ homes to enjoy each other’s company and play the ancient tile game of Mah Jongg. This year gatherings are the first and third Tuesdays of the month. The group plays from August through May.

*This group is at capacity. Contact the interest group leader if you wish to be added to the group’s substitute list. NOTE: Mah Jongg 2 (daytime) is a similar interest group available to join.

Mah Jongg 2

Sheri DyerContact

This group meets 2nd and 4th Thursday afternoon of each month at 1:30 pm in Oviedo. To join this group, you must be familiar with the basic rules and procedures of the game. For more information, contact the IG leader, Sheri Dyer at or text (407) 766-1804


Donna Huffman-RiddleContact

Rummikub is one of the world’s best-selling and most-played games that contains the elements of gin rummy and mahjong. It’s easy to learn and fast moving. It combines luck and strategy and changes quickly so every player has a chance to win until the very end. All skill levels welcome.

Canasta Group

Leslie CollinContact

Calling All Canasta Lovers for a new interest group that will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 2 pm.  If you love canasta and want to join this group, please contact Leslie Collin at or text (407) 687-7776.

History and Family

The Searchers – Genealogy Group

Beth BarnesContact

Have you been told your great-great grandmother was a Cherokee princess or that you were related to George Washington? Would you like to learn the truth, build your family tree? The Searchers meet at 1:30 on the 4th Monday of each month. If you are searching and want to learn how to find answers, contact the interest group leader to join.

Sports and Outdoors

Monday Walkers

Beth BarnesContact

We meet every Monday morning at 7 at one of three locations for a 1.5 or 3.0 mile walk. We begin slowly, build gradually, and no one gets left behind. Bring a Women’s Club friend or potential member with you as we walk, talk, and get fit. We walk or run the Lady Track Shack 5k together, an event held in Winter Park every year in October to benefit breast cancer research. New members are welcome.

Spectator Sports Fans

Merrell BaileyContact

Are you a sports enthusiast? The Spectator Sports Fans interest group is for you! Join your sports fan friends and have fun attending UCF sporting events. Working with the UCF Athletics Association, we aspire to attend an event for each of the UCF women’s sports each year. We will schedule other events as interested. Friends and family always welcome. Come join our cheering session for UCF sports events.

Take a Hike!

Mila VodopyanovContact – (407) 450-5173

Join the hiking group and you will enjoy many benefits that the outdoors can offer: exercise your muscles, balance, and breathing; you replenish your stock of vitamin D, vital for your immune system; you unhack your brain, making it possible to prevent mental decline and to make better decisions–all without ever noticing it! On a trail, you enjoy the company of fellow hikers, you meet and make new friends, you hear birds singing, you feel amazed by the natural beauty of the world around us and you come back full of gratitude for being a part of it. It’s difficult to find another activity that boosts so much of our well-being; the beauty of nature never fails to recharge your body and uplift your spirit! We offer walks and hikes to members of all levels of fitness; we welcome YOU!


Tech Curious

Sue ChapmanContact

Technology reshapes the way we walk in the world today. While technology connects us it can also isolate us. So we want to turn-the-tables by sharing our tech victories, tech questions, and tech ideas. In an interactive how-to format, community professionals, UCF students, and Women’s Club members will lead idea sharing. The goal is for everyone to leave each session with at least one “ah ha!” idea to meet or beat a tech challenge you are experiencing.

Theater and Movies


Norma Verner and Lynda LangaContact

The theater group enjoys exploring different community venues and a variety of productions throughout the year. Members are notified of upcoming events by e-mail and are responsible for purchasing their own tickets. Attendees get together at the theater, although they aren’t always able to sit together, and enjoy having dinner together either before or after each production. In order to accommodate all group members, the days and times of scheduled events will vary. Some events are on week-days while others are on weekends, and some events are matinees, while others are evening performances. We make an effort to explore the many different wonderful community theaters in the Orlando area, making a special effort to include support of our own UCF theater.

Chick Flicks

Victoria SnyderContact

Let’s go to the movies. About once a month, we’ll get together to see a film of interest to club members and discuss it afterwards over drinks and dinner. Because the day and time always depend upon what’s playing, we often don’t have much more than a week’s notice. Contact interest group leader if you want to go the movies and join Chick Flicks.


Armchair Travelers 1

Carol Pickler and Cynthia ChamberlinContact

Armchair Travelers provides opportunities for its members to travel all over the world without passports or luggage. The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month from October to May. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and usually end by 9:00 p.m. One of the attractive features of this group is that spouses and partners are also welcome to attend.

*This group is at capacity. Armchair Traveler 2 is a similar interest group that meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 pm and is available for members to join.

Armchair Traveler 2

Linda Hennig and Lisa GantzContact

Do you love to travel? Or love to travel vicariously? Do you enjoy seeing other destinations in the USA and all parts of the world? Do you want to share travel experiences and pictures with friends? The Armchair Traveler II Interest Group is open to all members of the Women’s Club at UCF. This group meets on the third Tuesday of the month. Spouses and partners are welcome. Travel adventures are shared along with wine and food of the travel region. To join this interest group, contact Linda Hennig at

Wine and Dine

Gourmet Dining

Pat PepplerContact

Our evenings are planned around themes with new and old favorite recipes. We also include picnics and evenings trying out some of the many wonderful Orlando restaurants.

*This group is at capacity. International Gourmet is a similar interest group available to join.

International Gourmet

Doreen BehmkeContact

Do you love to try new restaurants but don’t want to go alone or just want to enjoy the experience with a fun group. This group meets various times throughout the year in the evening for dinner at various restaurants and venues. We also participate in the Bite30 and Magical Dining programs throughout the year. Spouses and partners are invited.

Wine Tasting

Sue ChapmanContact

Are you a wine enthusiast or just want to know more about wine? This group meets various times throughout the year in the evening at various restaurants and venues. We also have special wine tasting and party events. Spouses and partners are invited. Dates, location and venues may vary but fun is always in the mix!

Happy Hour Lovers

Darlene Bouley – Contact

Who doesn’t love happy hour?  You get to have a drink and a nibble with your friends but don’t have to make dinner.  This group will research great happy hour opportunities and meet at a different location the third Friday of every month at 4 pm.  The first one will be Friday, January 19th at Bonefish Grill at Waterford for $7 irresistible cocktails and wine along with $7 craveable small plates.  To join this event or to be added to the mailing list for this group, contact Darlene Bouley at or text 407-620-2765. Also, if you have happy hour suggestions, please let Darlene know.