Women's Club


History and Mission

history-mc-1969Have you ever wondered how we came to be the vital, active, creative group we are today? That’s easy. We just outgrew our beginnings.

When faculty  arrived to the burgeoning young  campus in 1967, Frances Millican, our first, First Lady graciously welcomed each family. During those early years, when we were all newcomers, Frances served as a guide, helped us get acquainted and established a foundation for the University Women’s Club. This accomplished, a committee was appointed to write the Club’s Constitution and define our goals and purposes. After hours spent around a table at Olive Gambrell’s home, a Constitution was finally produced. At the final informal meeting, this Constitution was accepted and the first officers were elected.

For our first year, officers included were:

1969- 1970
President Ruth Jean Ostle
Vice President Hilda Comish
Secretary Bette Boston
Treasurer Lillian Brown


Frances Hilliard Millican, UCF’s first, First Lady, founded the Women’s Club at UCF in 1969 as a friendship based organization. In 2007, the Club adopted this statement of purpose:

The mission of the Women’s Club at UCF is to support the advancement of the University’s ideals and goals; to provide and award scholarships to full-time, non-traditional students of the University of Central Florida; to welcome members from the community as well as the University; and to provide opportunities for sharing interests and developing friendships among members.