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Arts and Culture

Cultural Arts & Wellness

Susan GregoryContact

The cultural arts and wellness group meets at various places of interest in Central Florida to learn about ways to live a healthier life, to explore the latest innovative lifestyle changes, and to appreciate the arts and culture in the Orlando area. Our events are usually held during the day. Our activities can be anything from tai-chi in a park to viewing gorgeous and unique table settings at Tables Extraordinaire.

International Friendship

Zalpha Hashem and Teresa RiedelContact

We gather at venues around Central Florida to experience and share the customs and cuisines of various cultures and countries. Join us for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The goal of this group is to enjoy friendship, while appreciating the variety of cultures and food at the national and international levels. Our activities also include attending on-campus events during International Education Week and hearing speakers on international topics. If possible, we sometimes include spouses, partners, and friends in our activities.

Conversational Spanish

Sally GalvanContact

¿Hablas Español? No? Then you should think about joining our new Conversational Spanish Interest Group. This group focuses on the basics necessary to navigate your way in a Spanish- speaking environment-–introducing yourself, expressing yourself  courteously, singing songs in Spanish, talking about the weather, ordering food, finding the restrooms, getting directions, and more. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 2 pm in Oviedo.