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Mila Vodopyanov


Join the Hiking group and you will enjoy many benefits that the outdoors can offer: you exercise your muscles, balance, breathing, you replenish your stock of vitamin D, vital for your immune system, you unhack your brain ( as the video by the prominent brain expert explains*) making it possible to prevent mental decline and to make better decisions – all without ever noticing it! On a trail, you enjoy a company of fellow hikers, you meet and make many friends, you hear birds’ songs, feel amazed by the natural beauty of the world around us and come back full of gratitude for being a part of it. It’s difficult to find another activity that boosts so much of our well-being; the Nature never fails to recharge your body and uplift your spirit!
We offer walks and hikes to members of all level of fitness; we welcome YOU!
* Unhack your brain YouTube video Link: